Beijing Erwin Instrument Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1989 in Beijing, China, with a focus on violins, violas and cellos. The company is headquartered in the United States of America, and has a branch office in Taiwan - Taipei Bokai Music Company.

After 28 years of unremitting efforts, Beijing Erwin Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. has now become a well-known musical instrument company in China. The head of the company is Mr. YUNGKAI CHANG, general manager is Ms. Huang Jingan.

Erwin company was established in 2010 Shanghai branch, was established in 2013 Guangzhou branch. In 2014 set up a branch in Xi'an, and in 2015 set up a branch in Chengdu.

Erwin is the agent of Muramatsu (Japan). We also have a repair department, which is specialized in serving flute users. 

Over the years, we have imported from abroad the knowledge of repairing all types of musical instruments, as well as the most traditional fiddle making techniques.

Erwin's mission is to serve the public with quality instruments and lifetime repairs.