Huang wenchia

He is a master woodwind repairer from Taiwan who is widely acclaimed by both domestic and foreign wind players. He has worked on the Miyazawa Flute, Muramatsu Flute, Sakura Flute, Josef Oboe, Master Flute in Japan; Buffet Crampon, Marigaux Oboe, Loree Oboe, Rigoutat Oboe in France; Schreiber Bassoon, Wilhelm Heckel Bassoon in Germany; Fox Bassoon  in the United States; and many other woodwind instruments. Mr. Huang has received systematic training from many famous wind band factories such as Schreiber Bassoon and Wilhelm Heckel Bassoon in Germany, Fox Bassoon ...... in the USA, etc. Mr. Wong studied under the tutelage of Mr. Wong in his early years. Mr. Huang studied under Prof. Xue Yaowu in his early years, and later he studied under Tetsuo Sato, a master woodwind repairer in Japan. Because of his diligence and hard work, his skills have improved rapidly. Over the years, he has been instructed by the experts of the original production factories of the wind instruments, and his skills have become more and more mature and exquisite. Today, Mr. Huang's woodwind repair skills are not only admired by his peers, but also trusted by players.

Matti Helin

At the age of 19, Mr.Helin was appointed flute soloist of the Finnish National Opera Symphony Orchestra, then soloist of major symphony orchestras in Europe, principal flutist of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra in 1979, Professor of Flute at the Sibelius Academy in 1980, and Professor of Flute at the Aisanian National Conservatory of Music from 1995 to 2001.    

Mr.Helin has given numerous concerts and lectures all over the world. Since 2002, he has been playing and teaching in China for many times and was invited to be the guest of honor at the Shenyang Flute International Festival in 2004, and has been teaching and playing in various music institutes in Guangzhou, Guiyang, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, and Beijing. He is passionate about playing, recording and collecting old flutes, and is actively involved in designing, developing and playing carbon fiber flutes. He is currently the first person in the world to play carbon fiber flute.

Zhai Yaoguang

"In the slow movement of Beethoven's piano concerto, Zhai Yaoguang, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's associate principal clarinetist, played like running water from the back of the orchestra, making it one of the most beautiful and lyrical parts of the evening's proceedings ......" The above quote is a tribute to the clarinet section of the orchestra by Robert Green, music critic of The Globe and Mail, in his review of Lang Lang's Beethoven Piano Concerto Harmonies in Toronto in 2011, and it was Zhai Yaoguang, the Vice-President of Clarinet of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, who was favored with the praise from the Canadian music critic.

Throughout his musical journey, Zhai has been honored with a number of high-level music competition awards. He has won many high level music competitions, such as: First Prize in the Brant Slosson Young Artist Competition, First Prize in the Herrem Music Competition, First Prize in the Wind Competition of the Aspen Arts Festival, and First Prize in the Spotlight Young Artist Competition, to name a few. In addition to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra has performed with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra, the American Conductors Institute Symphony Orchestra, and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in China, to name just a few of the most prestigious musical ensembles in the world. In addition to solo and chamber music performances with the world-renowned Aspen Ida kavafian and pianist Christopher O'Riley at the Music from Angel Fire Chamber Music Festival and the Laguna Music Festival in the United States, Zhai Yaoguang has also been invited by Chinese violinist Lin Zhaoliang to collaborate with him at the Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival. He was also invited by Chinese violinist Lin Zhaoliang to perform with him at the Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival. He was also invited to perform with Canadian pianist André Laplante at the Toronto Summer Music Festival in 2013 and 2014.

Zhai Yaoguang was born in West Taiyuan, China. He studied violin at the age of three, switched to clarinet at the age of ten, enrolled in the Central Conservatory of Music at the age of twelve, and five years later entered the Edwardian Academy of the Arts on a full scholarship, and then the Curtis Institute of Music, one of the world's top music schools, on the only full scholarship. During his studies, he represented the Curtis Institute of Music on a two-month tour of the United States, and his live recordings were selected for inclusion in the 2009 ****** CD.

In 2009, Zhai Yaoguang was invited by Chinese conductor Yu Long to become Principal Clarinet of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and began his career as a professional performer. 2011, he was recruited globally to join the world-renowned Toronto Symphony Orchestra and became a life-long member of the orchestra one year later. 2013, he was invited by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto to record with many world-renowned musicians to demonstrate the high standard of teaching and learning in examinations. In 2013, he was invited by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto to record a high standard of examination teaching demonstration with many world renowned musicians. In addition to performing in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's annual seasons, he frequently participates in local and international chamber music and solo performances, and is passionate about music education and outreach to youth. In 2010, he was invited to participate in the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra's Youth Music Camp (NTSO Youth Music Camp). (He was invited to be the wind instructor of the 2010 National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Youth Music Camp (NTSO Youth Music Camp).

The young Zhai Yaoguang is one of the few Chinese wind players in the world-renowned orchestra, and his musical sensibility and outstanding skills have been highly praised by many U.S. and Canadian media. In the Toronto Star's music review, it commented on Zhai's performance in the clarinet section: "In many places throughout the concert, Zhai's clarinet was mesmerizing ......", while Canada's National Post and America's Springfield The National Post (Canada), Springfield Classical Music Review (U.S.), and Orange County Chronicle (California) also praised Zhai's mastery of the difficult techniques of clarinet playing and his musicality. .... Clarinetist Zhai Yaoguang is an elegant and dynamic soloist who conveys the temperament of his work and the purity of his technique with a lively and flamboyant style of steady and precise intonation. ......

--Lawrence A. Johnson, An Essay on Classical Music in South Florida