Mrs. Zhang Daoling

Flute Repairman, Chief Repairman of Muramatsu Flute in China

Profile of Mrs. Zhang Daoling 

Zhang Daoling has been repairing flutes for more than 10 years. She joined Erwin in 2009 and started her career in flute repair. She learned flute repairing techniques from Mr. Ito and Mr. Shimizu, the original flute technicians of Muramatsu flute, as well as Mr. Gao Hua in China, and showed her talent in flute repairing, which was praised by her teachers. 

In 2015, she went to Japan for further study, and learned the complete production process of flute from zero to one in the manufacturing factory of Muramatsu Flute, deepened his understanding of each part of the flute and its overall structure, and received more systematic training in flute installation and repair techniques, and then entered the practice work of the Tokyo store of Muramatsu Flute. Mr. Ito, the maintenance manager of Muramatsu Flute Tokyo, praised her for her boldness and carefulness, as well as her ability to identify problems and find the best solutions. 

Now she has been working at Erwin for more than ten years, not only her skills and experience in flute repair are convincing, but also her love for flute and her attitude towards work are admirable. 

Her credo: There is no end to learning. 

Her aim: to satisfy the needs of every musician within the limits of her ability.